Sunday, June 7, 2009

The will to live - Part 2

So the will to live split mind and soul
and sent the former home again
to act as temporary stand-in
for the real thing.

The soul released travelled on
through human conflict, tears, and woe
seeking in that density
true and abiding meaning.

The days were hard and taxing
for the soul knows love's awaiting
when night descends and blankets so
human protective measures
that come in guises real but false.

Many times through hardship, trials,
it thought that home's the place to be
yet sometime, anytime, must be
a call from home that stirs its bones
to make the long trip back again.

The call can't be a plaintive moan
or one that merely seeks no pain
but one that that's gone to hell and back
and knows of true humility.

The will to live now broken, split,
can't in part be worth a damn
and this it knows but still it moves
knowing that its other half
will keep the home fires burning.

The scribe I am thinks now what if
summer comes and there's no fire!

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