Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Love is unable and cannot, will not,
bind man to land for eternity
but rather allows a soul to evolve
beyond the confines of human existence.

Immortality is the promise of love,
pretenders will not be granted entry,
but how do we qualify, what must we do,
to receive and enjoy such a wonderful gift?

Some have limits to how much they give,
some are scared of a deep commitment,
and some so sufficient unto themselves
refuse to believe in the power of love.

So too does wisdom have a limited scan
with foresight hindered by earthly demands
but avowal of love to a woman, a man,
sets mankind up on the ladder to more.

The ladder is long and turns around corners,
even snaps in the middle to see how we fall,
but the worst test of all is together no more
with the catalyst who allowed love to be.

A catalyst, intermediary, a go-between, agent,
and how sadly we grieve the parting of hands
but love is the victor still faithful and true
to the promise of our immortality.

But to love and remain as an island alone
trapped in a net of passing priorities
forms a deep channel back onto land
to start the journey all over again.

So sayeth the humbled by love's awesome power!

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