Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In case

After a number of tests
and love still doesn’t manifest
extinction lays claim
to the blueprint of soul
or it could be God overfilling
a very large garbage bag.

Where do they go, the unloving
or the adept at burying
what is known to already exist?

tis a problem to ponder sometimes
but not to say that I lie
when I predict a retreat
into a place similarly like
the graves of the dinosaurs.

How long is a day in a grave?
Maybe more than I’m able to say
or maybe no day to shed the light
in the dark of the unchangeable.

Oh, “shiver me timbers”, I’m scared in case
the plank that I walk should break
before change has taken place
so touch me love, my love,
and make of the tears I’ve cried
a river that flows us on
to the sea of eternity ~

in case, in case, there’s a case
against our God given grace!

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