Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A contract

Can you see how the sea believes it is free
but naturally so the mountain stands tall
and confines the sea between boundaries
set in place by a contract of sorts?

It must be a sort of a contract or more
that decrees the sea remain as before
restless to know, to feel, to believe
its stature is that of a mountain, you see?

It's a contract of sorts that humbles the poor
and a sort of a contract that deprives the rich
of the truly amazing and magnificent feel
of scraps from the table dropped thoughtlessly.

It's a contract of sorts that causes a war,
a sort of a contract that allows peace to fall,
and a contract of sort that ties spirit up
in the mind of a human like me.

It must be a contract of sorts or more
that allows a mouse to promulgate fear
and a bee, oh, please, why must it die
when protective instincts come to the fore.

So contracts of sorts all thought into being
by the will of the mountain, the sea, you/me,
and I cannot believe there's no escape clause
to allow for a twist and a turn from it all.

And the twist and the turn no magic trick
but a contract of sorts and so very much more!

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