Saturday, March 27, 2021

The run and jump


She’s a baby at this thing called life
because she cannot understand
the lies, the greed, the arrogance
and that dreaded manipulation
that trips her up time and time again.
But babies grow and learn
and know to take little, little, steps,
before the run and jump
that takes them away and over.
I reckon she’s in mid jump
uncertain how or where she’ll land
but at least she is in motion
from years of immobility.
If I had a hat I would take it off
but I can bow from the waist down
and pay homage to the strength
that came out from the blue.
Yes, she was strong and is strong
now way up in the air
but will a cushion or a rock
be awaiting her “come-down”?
But such is life that no one knows
what a run and jump will lead to
but to stay as one immobile
a fate worse than death.
Please let’s pray that she will hand
upright on her feet
and live to tell of the heartache and grief
that will surely follow her all of her days!

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