Saturday, December 19, 2020


It’s just a season good or bad
that comes and then it goes
and caught in the cycle we obey
whatever rules are laid out.

But then mid-way or at the beginning
a mighty struggle ensues
and who once a leader becomes a loser
and the old gives way to the new.

We can blame the season or leader now loser
who once in the task of growing up
caused an event that sapped his strength
at a time when most it was needed.

He doesn’t bend his head in shame,
he doesn’t wring his hands in grief,
and certainly no tears can fall
when evil is his saving grace.

Yes, evil applauds dastardly acts
and the one who caused his downfall
because evil’s not fussy as long as it lives
and as long as the people suffer.

But evil forgets it is just a season
and soon the season will change
and over the land one word will rebound
and that word is, of course, …

“Freedom, freedom!”

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