Saturday, June 27, 2020

Never thought …

And I never thought I’d know
of corruption, deceit and thievery
and yet here I am surrounded and embroiled
in the worst of them thrust on humankind.

It’s like the mindful tower I built
of all I thought was good and true
has fallen prey to despicable control
that toppled it to ground.

Of course I search amongst the rubble
for traces of the right and honourable
but all I find are dust particles
that ne’er again can be a whole.

It’s raining today and where sand now mud
that one day will bake in the sun of renewal
but those days are so very far off
that perhaps never in my lifetime.

But I’ll make my own tower again, again,
because all that I am and all I believe
can’t be destroyed by the hand of evil
so prevalent in these current times.

And so as I wait for the sun to come out
all I can do is design and refine
my blueprints of soul that allow me to know
but that block the infusion of iniquity!

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