Sunday, August 4, 2019


Round and round and round
and it ain’t no mulberry bush
but rather this thing called life
that attracts the whim of circumstance
and spirals out of all control.

Caught so in its evil trap
we fight to release ourselves
and we do when the wind dies
but, lo/behold ‘tis just a spell
before that wind comes back again.

And it blows, and it blows,
day in and day out
until exhausted we collapse
into the sleep of the dead.

Sleeping so we hope to gain
the strength to carry on
spinning, spinning, spinning,
until the next release. 

And so of that spin/release
it surely is a testing ground
but I wonder when if ever
we’ll pass that damn exam.

And as we go with the flow
we can only hope and pray
for that stillness that surpasses
all out understanding.

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