Thursday, December 20, 2018


She looked at the ground,
saw the seeds of heartache,
but thought they never would grow
so she turned away and proceeded to be
content with her own belief.

For many a year that carried her through
the trials of everyday life
but behind the scenes those seeds took root
and grew till they covered her whole landscape.

Yet still she believed she could walk through
unscathed to the green, green, grass
and so she tried one step at a time
until finally, finally, she gave up.

It took a long time for her to know
the full import of real heartache
but it hit with a force to slay the brave
and she stumbled and tripped right into it.

Like all gypsy’s do she arose and ran
to the safety of her own wagon
but, lo and behold, that heartache had stuck
and travelled right down to her core.

She cried for a time and bemoaned her fate
but she isn’t a gypsy for nothing
so she tried again in the sincere hope
that wagon wheels would trample the lot.

But do you know that to this day
no one has heard from or seen
that gypsy who thought to beat heartache
at it’s very own game?

I guess she must have simply died
trying and trying and trying again!

1 comment:

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