Saturday, March 3, 2018


Not behind glass but solid steel
lies the beat of her heart
determined to not ere again
go to another location.

Heart in the past used to dress up
and go out on walk-abouts
but the everyday dirt and grime
like the weight of a brick.

That constriction no happy state
so tears rose up and out
to cleanse, no doubt, God given grace
that needed to be visible.

But closeted so heart now mourns
because it knows, has always known,
that it needs to be dressed up and out
to live up to its potential.

But it thinks of that dirt and grim
and the emotional cleanse of grace
and with sadness looks sometimes
at that unused hat and coat.

Maybe, just maybe, one day again
it will venture into the elements
knowing that tears simply a means
of cleaning what cannot be sullied.

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