Saturday, February 24, 2018

No one

No one said. “Look out”
and so she tumbled down, down, down,
into a world of truth and love
that took her breath away.

And in that silent state she knew
the climb back up from whence she came
the most sad and arduous journey
only the brave can undertake.

But was she brave?  Oh, no, no, no,
she simply was a woman lost
who felt the pull of commitment
to complete what had been started.

And so she took a breath, left the love behind,
and returned to face a world of lies
as a test, I bet,  of her ability
to be a great pretender.

I’m sure you’ll find her there today
amidst the strife and turmoil
of man-made norms and forms
doing what she did before.

She is, of course, like you and me
but she ages like we all must do
until that knowing finally
will become as if a dream –
a forgotten dream
or maybe, just maybe,
almost forgotten. 

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