Thursday, March 9, 2017

As new

Hard and fast the rain that fell
o’er this land of toil and strife
as if to wash the evil out
again, again, again,
but strange it is no washing can
ere leave the product good as new.

The sun came out as if to be
the saviour of all humankind
but all it did was imbed more
the stain of evil known to be
a repeat of history.

And then the wind; oh, yes, it blew
new hope for all inhabitants
but did they stand and face the force
or run and hide from their renewal?

It’s the residue of those who ran
that stays to stain the years to come
and we, the product, humankind
will not again be good as new
unless, unless, the numbers grow
of those who know to stand and be
renewed, refreshed till good as new!

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