Monday, March 14, 2016


She wound emotion round and round
the stake of present times
and secured the ends to resolve
to prevent escape and leakage
out of two blue eyes.

She feels the twirl and whirl within
and so the walls are fortified,
the exits double bolted,
and she feeds detachment
in the hope of forcing speedy growth.

There’ll come a time o’er yonder hill
when freedom will be celebrated
and emotion will fall to ground
to finally be trodden on
and be as if it never was.

So she wonders why not let it go
but emotion far too meaningful
to end up in the dirt
and so the perimeter is electrified.

It may die for lack of air and care
but that’s alright, you know,
because then she’ll know at last
she’s joined the human race! 

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