Monday, February 1, 2016

The Awakening

Set one of the stage opens to show a table for two prepared near the  door.  Fairy lights dazzle and sparkle with hues dancing and glowing up to the moon.

Reflections in water of love’s precious dew surround the table covered in blue and the music that plays whispers a tune of heaven’s own bliss that’s come none too soon.

Locked hand in hand a couple emerge, he walking proud with graying of hair, she passed her prime and showing the signs, they dance until chimes of midnight resound.

The glow from the fire inside of the door promises comfort for love’s early dawn but the call of the wild can be seen in her eyes as she leads him away to the fields and the sky.

On a blanket laid out in nature’s own way passion awakes from living as dead and stars hide their eyes behind soft wispy clouds as naked and proud they offer themselves.

He kisses her fully joining their lips as hands slowly travel down to her hips and the essence of her releases to him the truth of her being so different from his.

The wind brushes bodies with unspoken pleas sending out messages coded yet clear and the pleasure they give returns to their souls as heaven smiles down on the knowing of love.

Scene two opens now with return to their homes as sun touches bodies still warm with own glows but the fire has burnt to ashes of cold and the stage slowly turns as they enter the door.

Two beds far apart and divided by “life” await their return without any warmth and as the sun rises they each can be found …

smiling in sleep for the night took their souls!

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