Saturday, September 19, 2015


Oh, that love from whence it came
is known and understood
but where it went to still today
remains a mystery.

It’s not here or there or anywhere
within my human reach
and though I strain I cannot see
its outline on the beach.

That is strange for surely sea
brings up treasures from the deep
and then lays them on display
for the lowly ones to see.

This beach -  no, that beach - no
or maybe yes at one time
and then returned again
to the safety and security
that love alone deserves.

Love then must be alone
protected fully and totally
from human touch that easily
degrades its awesome worth.

And as love swims and floats about
I wonder if it knows
it could have had a kindred soul
there in that expansive sea
of all there is to feel
if it landed on the right beach
at the right time!   

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