Sunday, June 21, 2015


Sometimes it’s this and sometimes it’s that
but the past, of course, never comes back
and sometimes we say, “Thank goodness for soul
that absorbs and converts the bad into good”.

I don’t  know, don’t know, what happens to lies.
Do they squiggle and squirm and turn into truth
and make nests in the soul to forever deceive
or are they simply thrown onto trash heaps?

I do know, I know, trash one day will die
but meanwhile it lives within normal life
and propagates more and more after that
to litter each corner of beautiful earth. 

And so as we walk on lie after lie
we burn from the outer down into the deep
where no fire can ere turn lies into ash
to be blown into the heavens above.

If it could, if it could, how great would life be
because only heaven can save mother earth
and preserve and protect the true meaningful
meant to be, I suspect, our given birth-right.

But we can know, can truly know,
no lie will live and grow in the soul!

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