Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do it!

It was the beginning of time
that caused sea to rise
and embrace the indomitable shore
that determined not to move
sat in its own lethargy.

The sea was confused;
how could it not move
and join in the free-flow of life
calling out again and again.

The sea stayed to stroke and cajole
for perhaps a million years
and then suddenly and quietly
a stillness like death descended.

How can that be?  Sea rolls as before
but no one can know the innermost soul
and how spiritless sea can be
when faced with such lethargy. 

But the sea still dreams of how it could be
if the shore just got up and moved
an inch, a foot, a yard, or miles
just to say, “I damn well did it”.

Do it, just do it, yes, indeed
before the end of time!

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