Thursday, January 9, 2014


Sun shines from the sky of human desire
like a laser to burn the deep down within
and it shatters reserves of protective measures
to make of denial a pile of ash.

So denial made mobile melds and joins
with the wind of circumstance
and creates a thick and dense overlay
over the rest of a life.

This process is known as converting the whole
into small and manageable portions
to make of the burden no hardship
for one who owns and carries denial.

But always there are the corners, you know,
where denial collects and grows in stature
and the cleaner must clean and clean again
and again and again and again.

And this conversion and clean-up process
no chore to be always despised
because it allows a step into the truth
of deep down human desire.

Break up and spread denial to be
in the freedom of one’s own truth
because compacted denial a forever lie
that burdens and weighs down the soul.

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