Monday, June 17, 2013

A dip and glide

The book is open today at insight
as the birds claim the glory of sky
and seem to be forcing a look out there
as a turn-away from the knowing.

Yet the knowing follows the need to see
how they dip and glide gloriously free
in the vastness of no limitations
or rules as to how they must be.

Slowly it dawns like day after night
that I too must soar like the birds
un-weighted by the burden of sight
that penetrates all falsities.

And when it is known that a dip and glide
is a personal saving grace
can I say I’m a bird gifted by verse
in claim of the glorious sky?

No, cannot be; we’re all land bound
manipulated sometimes unknowingly
by falsity dressed up as truth
as a means of clipping our wings! 

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