Monday, November 19, 2012


Not ever, ere, has heartache been
a deep and fiery devil “thing”
that leaves the soft and gentle
prone on the floor of death.

But the soft and gentle rise again
to view the floor with different eyes
and run, oh, yes, as best they can
from the dastardly.

It’s in that run that happenstance
leads them on and into
a wild and ferocious jungle
that harbours memories.

No run can ever beat the times
when heartache tripped the fleet of foot
who by the grace of mind states
had missed the hazardous.

Though risen from the floor of death
and adept at fighting jungles
now searches all the gentle, soft,
for joy that one day disappeared.

Now joy’s akin to devil “things”
that plays all day catch if can
and taunts and goads the innocent
into a game that never ends.

There they go, here they come,
searching for what can’t be found
because heartache burns the best of life
and throws ash into the winds of time!

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