Saturday, October 27, 2012

To be ...

To be of life and all its ways
a chore only for the brave
standing on a precipice
far from a saviour’s reach.

And how the hardship of the climb
can deplete all human reserves
and leave one vulnerable
to the elements of nature.

It was in her nature, yes, you know
to look below and beneath
and yet the surface of a life
rises up to asphyxiate.     

She teeters on the edge of breath
sure that the last is bound to be
but in the manner of this life
air infiltrates and motivates.

And in the retrace she will find
not agony but clarity
and she will know, as you do too,
all things will cease to be ~

but the cliff, oh, yes, it’s still there
so all who climb will one day know
to simply walk back down again
without a shudder or a doubt!

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