Monday, September 10, 2012

In the field

And there in the field of her own consciousness
she drapes a veil o’er heart, mind, soul,
seeking so protection from
her inner view of life.

But there’s this thing between the three
that intertwines and bubbles up
into her clear blue eyes
and she can see, oh, God help her,
the lie behind a smile.

She tries to do a sideways shift
but that’s no way to know the truth
and somewhere in that intertwine
the need of truth abides.

She wonders sometimes why the lie,
why sometimes it can fool the wise,
and why it swings so fast and free
to confuse the best truth seeker.

But as the sun rises up, higher up,
she bows to life’s state of affairs
and sews every day beads of ignorance
to make of her veil a more solid safeguard.

She sews and wonders each/every day
how many beads she’ll need till demise
and if her supply should ever run out
what then will she do to survive!

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