Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As the temperature rises I know it is time
to revel again in anticipation
and how soothing it is to again project
all dreams into the everyday.

Perhaps it is fruitless some would say
for history attests to no dreams today
but, oh, when the birds sing strident and clear
I can’t help but picture you here.

But the picture is hazy for now I see
light blue from the chocolate brown
and I find there’s a subtle but definite twist
in my long held belief in the truth.

But mind, my mind, embedded in life
has succumbed to the strange and bizarre
and covers the heart with its reasoning
in attempts to still the beat.

And quietly I sit in anticipatory mode
listening with fine-tuned heart ears
and I know the beat’s deep, deep, down
too weak now to rise from the covers.

How sad when mind steps in to conduct  
the music of heart’s true rhythm
to make of the calm and harmonic
a blaring and off-key cacophony!

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