Sunday, April 17, 2011


I went from the simplicity
of simply loving you
into the highly convoluted
magic and mystique
of love’s birthing place.

I came back overladen
with triangles, squares, rectangles,
all entwined and entangled
within overlapping circles.

Circles roll and bounce around
an unenlightened mind
and roll down the mountain side
of no understanding.

They’re pretty in their own way
all aglow with this and that
in the twilight time
of a life in repose
but grant no gratification
to any onlooker.

I had to be in it
rolling, feeling, touching,
love’s origins
before the true meaning
of the “I love you”
could be known and understood.

Do I know and understand?
Yes, I surely do,
but I was in while you were out
and though we might nor ere entwine,
I hope you’re in it now!

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