Saturday, January 17, 2009

To love unseen

The spirit spoke one day, you know,
of love that wouldn't go away
but I have learnt these years gone by
how lies that one still now unseen.

And in that knowing I believe
not ere again will love appear
within the fold of all I am
when I too join the now unseen.

It's like a woman has to be
a store of all her memories
and stand as one distanced, apart,
from what will come most naturally
in that land of the unseen.

How real to me that land unseen
for I can feel today the tears
flow freely down my cheeks unseen
when I give back what was received.

'Twas a lie to say that love won't leave
and a thief who stole my core belief
so know today, my love unseen,
that what was given must return
ten fold, they say, ten fold!

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