Saturday, November 3, 2007

The waves of time

Restless now the waves of time
seeking so to make it known
it’s moving quicker to the start
of new and better days.

I wait a woman humbled by
this flow of desperate means
that brings within a need
to know where I’m going to.

But silence follows all my days
and shadows me at night
to make it seem I’m cut adrift
from my destiny.

To ask of time is not to get
for who can speak to one not fixed
within a limited concept
but always I’m in sync with time
and restless toss until I find
I’m in the new and better!


  1. I think this is a very common theme for us all.
    But we do have a destiny, to be with our creator.
    To be or not to be is not the answer, it’s when will we be.
    We have no choice in our being, but we do in our eternity.
    Love your thoughts in this write, Helen.


  2. Hi Jamie - I "think" so maybe our being and our eternity are as a result of that ability which would mean then that we must take responsibility for our being as well as for our eternity. If it's gonna be, it's up to me type of thing. And I do believe in that ultimate destiny - most decidedly! Thank you for commenting, Jamie.